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Advantages of Digital Access Control Systems

When you are attempting to secure your business facilities, you may consider a few different options. There is always the choice of going with traditional locks and keys. While those are somewhat inconvenient, they do offer security. But many companies are looking at access control systems as the best solution. Here are some advantages of those systems.


One of the major assets of access control systems Denver locksmiths can provide is the convenience factor. When you are trying to figure out access levels for different employees, having to make 20 or 30 copies of each key can be tiresome. Not only do you have to go through a lengthy process to get those keys made, but you must also keep track of them.

With an access control system, none of those issues are present. Cards are created and imprinted with the necessary code to allow access to the building or various rooms.


When card access systems are set up for a business, it is easy to adjust the levels of access for an individual card. Instead of having to take away and give keys to employees constantly, card access can be remotely adjusted through the provided secure software.

access control systems Denver

Employee Tracking

Not only do cards allow employees access to the specific rooms that you deem acceptable, but they allow you to track the use of the card. You will have an exact time stamp for each card access to the building and various rooms. It is helpful to know who was in a specific area of your business when an incident occurred.

The cards can also serve as clocking in for your employees. Instead of needing to punch in their time card, they are automatically clocked in when they use their card to enter the building in the morning for their shift.