directional couplers

How We Get Our Power

directional couplers

Electricity isn’t something you can buy at the store, but it needs to be generated from something. Water, coal, and wind are all three types of electricity generating resources, and they can all be turned into electrical power. Power plants turn the resources into power by spinning a magnet inside of coils of wire. A large turbine is turned by the water or wind and then the magnet spins.

As the magnet spins inside the wire, that’s what creates electrical currents that then power everything. The currents travel through wires and components like directional couplers and power lines before they get to a substation. The voltage of the electricity is reduced and then the power is sent to your home.

Transformers further reduce the power until it is at the voltage that is safe for home use, and then it can be used to power electronics and other items. The electricity often flows through rubber or plastic lines and wires to prevent electrical shocks and other damages.

Batteries work the same way, as they store all the chemicals and metals needed to create electricity, but aren’t connected to the power grid. When they are placed inside an item, say a videogame controller, and that item is flicked on, then a reaction takes place. That reaction lets electrical energy flow from the battery to the device, creating a mini power station until the batteries charge runs out.

Power is a crazy thing because while it does occur inside of us and in the world around us, it’s also susceptible to control by us. The power stations and batteries are just ways for us to store and harness electrical power for our own use, and we use them quite well. It’s good to know that the world will never run out of electricity, all we need are ways to control it.